Incredible 2M tall x 5.3M wide Kit includes 2 x tall matching cupboards.

This free standing set will make your garage super wow! It has drawer cabinets as its base and storage for tools and equipment, a sink, large stainless steel benchtop area to work on a project, pegboards to hang and display much-needed tools, and overhead cabinets for storing other stuff. This combination is a great kit as it has everything you want for your garage workshop!

Consists of:

6 pcs of overhead cabinets

6 pcs of pegboards with SQUARE holes,

3 with powerboard

5 pcs of Pillars for connection of two pegboard2 pcs of Pillars for connection of pegboard (at the edge)

1 of large

7 drawers cabinet2 of

5 drawers cabinet1 of

7 drawers cabinet1 of 2041mm long Stainless-Steel Workbench Top

2 of cupboards

Lockable drawers to secure your items.

For other options, you can still add to this set unit to expand your workbench system, add a chair, add other bigger cupboards, or add whole new range of additions to make it bigger! There is no limit.

Tools are not included in this listing, you can add as extra!