Liftsmart’s simple, economic and reliable hand pallet jack allows up to 2500kg lifting capacity. Suitable for moderate materials handling conditions.

Nylon wheel hand pallet jacks are more durable when compared to poly wheel equivalents. They are best suited to common warehouse applications, where loads are being transported across standard concrete or hard floors on a daily basis.

Poly wheel hand pallet jacks are a lighter material best for operating in areas such as mezzanine floors where surfaces are often constructed of lightweight materials such as particle and/or ply board. They also offer superior operation across tiled and vinyl floors such as those found in show rooms where they offer smooth operation and less chance of leaving marks.

Note: wheel colour may vary from manufacturer production, we will supply the ordered wheel type (nylon or poly) as requested, however colour may vary from online pictures.

Both poly and nylon wheel hand pallet jacks have the following specifications:

* Lift Capacity: 2,500kg

* Max Lift Height: 190/200mm

* Dimensions (L x W x H): 1,540mm x 685mm x 1,230mm