These are Brand New with 3 yr warranty. Over 50 units available for this discounted price, Rrp is $1199.Steel case not plastic like others

Use in you boat, 4×4, truck, Campers, motor homes (with the correct chargers)

I can supply the appropriate Lithium profile quality chargers also. Ener drive or Victron both 5yr warranty12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with push button State-of-Charge indicator. Ideal for sealed lead battery replacement.

The Pylon tech RV12V Series are the newly developed all-purpose lithium iron phosphate battery modules, designed for energy storage applications. With the cutting edge LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cells, embedded BMS (Battery Management System) and mechanical design, Pylon tech RV12V Series product provides inherent safety, extremly high reliability and zero maintenance.

Compared to the same capacity lead-acid based batteries, it has more than twice of the usable capacity, more than 3 times of the life cycle, but only about 40% of the weight. It is a perfect replacement for lead acid batteries used in Deep Cycle applications such as marine, RV, golf carts and solar storage.

The RV12100 is made from 4S4P combination of LiFePO4 Pouch type cells and can be used in any orientation unlike other batteries which may only be used with terminals facing upwards.

A unique feature with this battery is that it is “Array-Aware”. That means it knows other batteries are on the bus and only turns on when it senses another battery in parallel or a charger.

Cycle life >3000 cycles (90% DoD) @ 25ºC

Max. continuous discharge current: 100A

Charge voltage: 14.2V – 14.6V (14.4V recommended)

Max. continuous charge current: 50A

Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 10V

Operating Discharge temperature: -15°C to 50ºC

Operating Charge temperature: -0°C to 50ºC

Storage temperature: -20°C to 60ºC

State of Charge Display. Yes

Short Circuit Protection. Yes

Rating: IP20 Rating

Series* Connection Allowed: Up to 2S

Parallel* Connection Allowed: Up to 8P (Max. continuous discharge current 0.5C when in Parallel)

Case Structure. Rugged mechanical design

Safety. UN38.3 Approved

Warranty. 3 Years

Size. Perfect fit in N70 size battery box

Buy Now pay later options available along with PayPal and credit cards facility’s