Australia Marketplace Online There are many marketplaces online to sell your items these days. If you’re selling on Australia or New Zealand, you’re definitely not lacking options.

Here are the marketplaces online we’ll discuss:


Amazon needs no introduction. It’s an e-commerce giant offering more than 300 million active customers. In Australia 54% of consumers have utilized Amazon to purchase something in 2020.

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Amazon’s global reach and its ability to cover the entire spectrum of major categories of merchandise makes it a logical choice for any company looking to reach large audience.

For sellers Setting up the Amazon accounts and listing the product is fairly simple. You can even take charge of fulfillment of your orders through Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) If you wish to.

Selling on Amazon can be a lucrative venture selling via one of most popular and trusted platforms with the potential to reach millions of buyers. If you’re only planning select one market to sell your products, Amazon is a natural option. Are you unsure of where to start? We’ve answered the most commonly asked queries, and also the initial steps to optimize your web-based business.


eBay is another online marketplace worth considering. Although not as massive Amazon is, Amazon can be, eBay has 182 million users around the world. This is certainly nothing to be sneezed at.

Particularly in Australia or New Zealand, eBay is actually the biggest marketplace online with an average of 62 million monthly visitors as compared to Amazon’s 29 million.

Since its beginnings as an auction site solely, eBay has since grown to function as an online marketplace for the purchase of brand new products. Similar to Amazon, eBay allows sellers to sell their products across every major category.

eBay allows novice sellers to start. You’ll have access to pre-set templates, suggestions for price setting as well as promotional tools. If you’re looking for the local ANZ crowd, eBay is the way to take.


It was launched in 2006 and Catch is an online marketplace. It has products in many categories, and even food items. Its goal is to make shopping online accessible to regular Australians. Catch currently has more than 3 million customers who are active.

What is it that makes Catch distinguish itself is its dedication to supporting new sellers. When you become a seller on Catch you’ll receive dedicated support to optimize your listings for products and promote your brand and more.

In addition, Catch calls itself a “curated marketplace,” which means that the team thoroughly evaluates each seller. This means that you could be disqualified to sell your products on Catch. The issue is the relationship between your company and the acceptance criteria of Catch.

But if you overcome the first step, you’ll join an elite group of merchants on Australia’s biggest marketplaces.

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