The Best Classified Ad Websites The core functionality of a website is not complete without features. A typical Online Classified website’s core functionality includes posting an advertisement and a well-defined search system. Modern classified websites have more features than ever before. We will discuss the essential and optional features that both users and administrators of The Best Classified Ad Websites need to know. It can be difficult to decide what features you wanadidas juventus 22 23 air max shoes air max shoes philadelphia eagles jerseys for sale adidas juventus 22 23 durex skin feel nfl jerseys cheap 49ers jersey for sale detroit lions jersey cheap lace front wigs NFL College Jerseys best soccer jerseys air jordan sale NFL College Jerseys Iowa State Football Uniforms t for your Classified Website. For your convenience, we have divided them into essential and optional features. Take a piece of paper and note the features that you require for your The Top 10 Classifieds Websites in Australia.

The Essential Features of a Classified Website User:

One page Advertisement Submission Form: This form should have customizable fields that support your niche classified website and be very easy to submit.

Focus on Search: The search box is the heart and soul of a classified website. It must be larger than normal websites and placed in an easy-to-reach location.

Geo-location Search: Subcategories or Categories must be categorized based on their location. Everyone prefers to buy or sell in the immediate vicinity rather than travel far.

Responsive means that the site must be accessible on all internet-enabled devices. These websites are most popular with users of classified websites who prefer to access them on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

SEO friendly: Each advertisement must be correctly indexed by Google with the help Metadata and appropriate keywords.

Contact Advertiser Form: This is a key feature of classified websites.

Simple Navigation and Account Management: A must-have for users who need to navigate easily and manage their accounts.

Comment System: Whether it’s Guest Commenting or Social Commenting, it’s important for consumers to interact with sellers publically to obtain answers to some frequently asked questions.

Optional Features Available for Users of Classified Websites:

Photo: Photo posting is now possible on almost all of the top classified websites.

Filters: For continent searching, filters are essential. Filters can be used to filter for location, price, date or age of ads, sub-categories and contact verification.

Chat and Messaging: Chatting or messaging between buyers and sellers is an increasingly important feature.

Android / iOS App: For some users, apps can be a useful way to complement a classified website.

Multilingual: Users can choose from a variety of languages if they are using a local classified site.

Social Share: Social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. Features

Report and Favorite: If the Buyer likes an Ad, he can report it to admin.

The Essential Features of a Classified Website Administrator

Solid Backend: Comprehensive backend management features that allow you to manage all functionality such as location, category, and ads management.

Spam Management and Detection: Use of SMS and Email verification systems to detect spam and reduce the use of Captcha.

Membership: Membership is essential if you want to monetize your website. Premium members can have access to details management and free membership levels.

Payment System: Support for multiple payment gateways and multiple currencies if it’s going global.

SEO Management: SEO Friendly Link, Location Subdomains, Customize Page Title, Meta Keywords and Description for All Pages, Google Sitemaps, Canonical Links

Backup: Automatic or instant database backups to provide emergency protection in case of failure.

Security Features: Prevent contact details like phone scraping, email copy protection, limit login attempts, login history, IP blocking, email blocking, forbidden words

Bulk Import & Export: You can import or export all or a few Ads with one click. Bulk Emails are also possible

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