I have five young Budgies left for sale. They are approx 5 months old. Feeding themselves, strong and healthy, ready to go to their new homes for fun and companionship immediately.

They will have their wings clipped, they are trained to sit on your hand or shoulder as per my photo’s. they will be wonderful pets and companions. I breed and raise them myself at home and often have young ones to sell. They need to be sold in pairs at least because they really need company when you are away at work or school. So give me a call to arrange a time to collect them. They are $30.00 each. I will have more after Christmas. They go really quickly, so give me a call. Check out my photo’s of them and other recent Budgies I have sold. You would be best to have a good size cage to keep them in. I will explain all that you need to have to keep them well cared for. These Budgies are great for kids.

If you want to secure 2 for your family, come and have a look at them, choose 2 and pay $30.00 deposit. It only takes 2 days to have them ready from the time you order them to pick up.