TEGU Wooden Blocks with magnets inside were sourced from the US.You can buy some sets here in au. Read up on the interesting history and mission of TEGU blocks!

TEGU is a unique and excellent resource that fosters curiosity, expands the imagination, and encourages problem solving through resourcefulness and creativity.

Suitable for classroom use or living room for family & visitors fun.Have 2 duplicate 40 piece sets.I chose set with Aussie landscape colours that I thought encouraged all family members & visitors to participate and deliberately no wheels!! (Wheels available separately in the US).

Sets unused as family moved overseas at point planning to give as gift.

As per photos, each set contains 40 blocks in seven shapes: 4 Large Columns, 8 Mega Planks, 8 Long Planks, 4 Medium Columns, 4 Small Trapezoids, 4 Large Trapezoids and 8 Short Planks & are stored in box25.4 x 21.59 x 5.72 cm. Weighs 1.5 KilogramsWill sell both sets $240 or $130 for 1 set