A tri-Color playful, smart and healthy puppy (male) needs to be rehomed as I’m unable to look after him due to work and personal commitments, plus he needs bigger space. It’s absolutely heartbreaking however I think he would be better with someone available and offers him loving and bigger home.

His father is a poodle miniature, so it’s likely he will be a medium size dog. He will turn 12 weeks on 27-Nov

The price includes: hard crate, soft crate/carier/playpen, fake grass, 2 brushes and 1 comb, toys, 2 puppy kongs, maze food bowl, 2 leads, 2 harnesses, car restraint and some food and snacks

Vaccinations and working, ticks and fleas meds are all up to date, the last vaccine will be due before Christmas.

Pick up only.